Oxford, UK

Before working with Christoph, I had a strong meditation practice but I was not particularly in touch with my emotions. I had an idea that working in that area could improve my meditation and my life generally but I didn’t have a good approach to get there.

I quickly found that the Focusing techniques we worked with helped me start to be more aware of my emotions both in the sessions and in the rest of my life. Every week it surprised me just how accessible these emotional feelings in the body now were and how I could work with them with only a little training. I guess the key thing that Christoph did was practically show me how to work with emotional body feelings in a way that books or theoretical courses could not.

Over the course of the sessions I found my awareness of my emotions in the body and energy body continued to deepen and my meditation practice improved alongside it. I also noticed some improvement in the way I was relating to others. Christoph is an excellent person to help anyone who wants to improve their relationships or deepen their meditation practice by letting go of some of the emotional and psychological baggage that may be holding them back.